A Year in Review: Amazing Things We Are Grateful for Achieving at LandServe in 2017

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A Year in Review: Amazing Things We Are Grateful for Achieving at LandServe in 2017

With the Christmas spirit already hanging in the air, we are reminded once again how grateful we are for the many things we accomplished in 2017 here at LandServe.


We have been working hard to serve our clients’ best interests, participate in local community activities and contribute to the sustainable development in Malaysia.


Now, it feels like a good time to wrap up the knowledge we acquired in 2017. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, let’s take a look back at the things our team is most proud of.


Our traditional focus in this area is valuation for mortgage financing, corporate, statutory, accounting, insurance and compulsory acquisition purposes. In 2017, we represented owners and tenants whose lands and buildings are being compulsorily acquired for the following projects in claiming for fair compensation: -


1. Sungai Besi - Ulu Kelang Expressway (SUKE) project.

2. The Sungai Buloh - Serdang - Putrajaya MRT Line (MRT2) project.

3. The Klang Third Bridge connecting the northern and southern parts of the royal town of Klang.

4. Project to Restore the Environment in Morib.

5. Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex, and

6. Forest City Highway Extension.


As for 2018, we envisage to be involved in the compulsory acquisition exercises for the following projects:


1. High Speed Rail (HSR)

2. East-Coast Rail Line (ECRL)

3. MRT Circle Line (MRT3), and

4. Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex.


As our directors Mr. Tan Kim Seng and Mr. Wee Soon Chit are members of the Business Valuers Association Malaysia (BVAM) and the International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts (IACVA), we will be undertaking Business Valuation too.


Mr. Tan and Mr. Wee are also appointed assessors at the Shah Alam High Court and Muar High Court respectively.

Property Management

LandServe provides a wide array of property management services. In 2017, we have been managing a number of interesting and challenging buildings.


We are glad that we have been reappointed as property managers for buildings whose contracts were due for renewal including Bangsar Puteri Condominium, Seri Hijauan Condominium, Seri Pilmoor Bayu Timur, The iResidence and Univ360 Place. We will continue to strive for improvement in whichever area possible.


In 2017, we have also been appointed as property managers for several new developments including the high-end schemes of Reed, Lake Fields, The Capers and Sejati Residences.


Throughout the year, our team held 17 general meetings and over a hundred of monthly meetings as required under the Strata Management Act 2013 on behalf of our clients. Gladfully, our teams have assisted the clients in putting the management and maintenance of buildings back on track by beefing up collection of maintenance fees and contributions to the sinking fund as well as enforcing the by-laws.


We have also conducted trainings and workshops for our team members as we are dedicated to continued learning and growth.

Estate Agency

As always, we have been undertaking marketing of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties for sale and rent in 2017.


We gained much satisfactions when we assisted dispossessed property owners and tenants affected by compulsory acquisition exercise in finding and relocating to their new premises, and first-time homebuyers in bidding for affordable homes that were foreclosed by the banks in the Klang Valley, Penang and Sabah.

We envisage 2018 to be an exciting year and here is where we can help you in getting started: -


Looking for a Property:



Listing with us:



StarProperty.my Awards 2017: Jewels of Johor

As the chairman of Johor Branch of the Association of Valuers, Property Managers, Estate Agents and Property Consultants in the Private Sector Malaysia (PEPS), our Mr. Wee Soon Chit was honoured to be invited to the panel of judges at StarProperty.my Awards 2017.


This year, the panel traveled to the southern city of Johor to celebrate the many accomplishments of Iskandar Malaysia.


The awards were given to the sustainability-driven developers who focused on creating eco-friendly communities with affordable housing and great quality of living. The event itself set industry’s benchmarks and promoted the idea of conserving nature, building greener cities and achieving zero carbon emission.

Some of the other amazing things we experienced in 2017

We have also found ourselves inspired by the great events we have attended as well as the talented and passionate people we have met in 2017. For example, we:


1. Participated in the Inaugural Business Connection 2017;


2. Participated in UTAR’s Building and Property Management Internship Forum 2017 with undergraduates joining LandServe for industrial training, and


3. ‘Conquered’ the Great Wall of China during our company trip to Beijing in December 2017!


All in all, it was a fantastic year and as the flickering lights of Christmas and New Year holidays approach, we are happy to share these memories with our readers at the end of the day.


We are utmost thankful to our many clients and customers for working with us and helping us gain new experience. Not forgetting our vendors, suppliers and other business partners. Thank you very much!


Wishing all our clients and customers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2018!