CNY 2018 Celebrations & Colourful Lion Dance Performance at Buildings Managed by LandServe

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The thrills of the Chinese New Year Celebrations are still very much with us and we thought it might be a good time to share some of the most colourful events that we had arranged for our valued owners and residents. One event that got everyone particularly excited was the lion dance performance at stratified developments that we manage.


We wanted to make the Chinese New Year festivities for our residents even more fascinating and memorable. Traditional lion dance performance was the best way to do just that. This is not to mention that this ancient and beloved tradition is believed to bring fortune, prosperity and good luck to families and businesses. 


We were delighted to see that our residents were enjoying the colourful performance as well as the bright sunny day on the occasion that brought us all together. As you can imagine, kids were particularly thrilled!    


Traditional lion dance is not to be missed, and as it is so closely intertwined with Malaysian celebrations, we were happy to see people excited about beautiful costumes and impressive dancing performance.

Towards better communities for everyone

The team at Landserve manages a variety of stratified developments. As part of our business philosophy, we endeavour in holding events and activities during festive seasons to bring the residents together.


Throughout our many years of property management expertise, we have discovered that property management is more than just collecting maintenance fees and contributions to the sinking fund, attending to complaints, carrying out maintenance and repair works and paying bills. It’s about compliance with the laws and best practices. It’s about building a community, an admirable address and enhancing asset value in the long run.


We have also discovered that gathering together at a time of beloved celebrations in our varied culture is one of the best ways to create thriving and highly sought-after communities. Great neighbourhoods are not just high-quality facilities but also a wonderful living experience for their inhabitants to appreciate.


Our team members are grateful for this opportunity to engage with our clients. We are looking forward to the next year’s celebrations and hope that 2018 will turn out to be successful for all our valued owners and residents!

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