Property Investment & Valuation Insights from LandServe at Sin Chew Twins Property Expo

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Property Investment & Valuation Insights from LandServe at Sin Chew Twins Property Expo

The first weeks of September have been very busy and exciting here at LandServe.  


Twins Realty, Puchong-based estate agents, hosted Sin Chew Twins Property Expo 2017 on September 9 – 10 in Petaling Jaya. The event exclusively welcomed real estate professionals who talked about property investments in Malaysia, local real estate markets, development hotspots, property law, the most promising condo projects and a wealth of other property-related info.


We were honoured and inspired to make our contribution to helping prospective buyers navigate through the home-buying process. Our managing director, Mr Chen King Hoaw, was invited to share his valuable expertise in a featured talk, “The Truth About Property Investment”


In his speech, Mr Chen King Hoaw talked about the top concerns that keep buyers up at night and the best ways to address them in a way that would maximize their gains:


  1. why property is the best form of investment for everyone;
  2. how to achieve financial freedom and flexibility by buying a home as soon as possible;
  3. the practical importance and benefits of knowing your objective for buying a property;
  4. understanding what you can’t afford and knowing where to search for viable alternatives;
  5. how to take a productive stance regarding the long-term property investment and grow your gains over time;
  6. practical tips on starting small and building your way up;
  7. the smartest ways to grow your real estate portfolio;
  8. how to make the most of your resources;
  9. where to find exclusive and helpful info to educate yourself and keep learning;
  10. closing words of real-life advice and examples proving that property investment is a viable option for every person who wants to make wise financial decisions and improve the quality of life.

If you want to learn to make educated real estate and financial decisions too, you’re welcome to join our one-day workshop that will get you up and running in no time:


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We enjoyed every minute of those exciting two days and must say that the insider info was eye-opening, speakers were true and passionate experts and coffee tasted exceptionally good. Till next year!