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"I learned quite a lot from this one-day workshop. It was very practical as compared to the other seminars or talks which I had attended." -Jessie Koh

"The presentation is good. I like the exercise session as it makes me think. I hope that the speaker can also cover and highlight what are the important clauses in the Act that we must take note of. " -Lee Inn Wah

The notes in the course book are comprehensive. The workshop gives a good insight into the scope of property management. It is good for aspiring property managers." -Lim Han Sheng

"The workshop gives a good introduction to property management, especially for someone who is new to the subject like me. I am keen to know more about the Strata Management Act 2013." -Loh Zhi Way

"I'm grateful that Mr Chen is willing to share his knowledge and experience with us. I'm glad that I have attended this workshop. I hope there will be more workshops on property management topics in the future." -Ong Chin Poh

"It was a good seminar. I learned a lot. It's a good start. I will definitely introduce this seminar to my friends." -Qamarul Hazimin

"The workshop is very informative. We have a knowledgeable speaker. I feel like attending a lecture in a classroom giving me a lot of reminders on what we suppose to do as property managers. Many thanks, Mr. Chen!" -Raja Nurul Adila

"The workshop is good and now I'm very keen to know and learn more. Looking forward to the next upcoming workshop!" -Siti Syahirah

"The course content is good. So is the speaker. I like that the speaker is so willing to share his experience with us, and gives us his slides in the course book." -Tan Voon Choon

"The workshop is good. I like the idea of having group discussions and presentations." -Wong Seng Fatt

"Although I do not practise property management, I find the workshop interesting as it gives valuable information. After attending the workshop, I now have a better picture of how property management is run. " -Douglas Yaw

"The course is informative." -Yeong Seng Chow



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